What We Do

Many organizations touch the lives of foster youth in some way. Each has a specific purpose and limited resources. The Silicon Valley Children’s Fund works with all of them to advance the interests of foster children. We partner with educational institutions, community-based organizations, and public agencies to build their institutional capacity and deliver services that transform our youth into successful and self-sustaining adults.

That is what makes SVCF unique. Where we pinpoint critical needs, we fund initiatives to meet them. But funding alone isn’t enough for success. We also provide leadership, form collaborations, and ensure accountability.

Our Programs

YES to Higher Education. Foster youth attend and graduate from college at rates far below their peers. Less than 25% of foster youth pursue post secondary education. Of those, only 1% graduate with a college degree or vocational certificate. Read about how SVCF is helping the foster youth of our community beat these odds.

High School Roadmap to Independence. Nationally and locally, educational outcomes for foster youth are poor. Seventy-five percent of foster children in California are performing below grade level. Read about how SVCF is helping foster youth acquire college-ready skills.

Career Kickstart. Ask high-school age foster youth what they want to do in life, and too many of them don’t know. Read about how the Career Kickstart program helps them find their motivation and prepare for careers with a future.

Middle School Education Court. Middle school is the most critical time for children to achieve at-grade literacy, yet foster children trail their peers. Read how SVCF is helping them reach grade level in literacy, math, and science.

Our Graduation
By Daniel Rivera
“This isn’t just my day, it is my family’s day, it is my mentor’s day and a day for each and everyone who helped me get here.”