Silicon Valley Children’s Fund was founded over 20 years ago by a group of committed community leaders with the support of dedicated Santa Clara County officials, as a public benefit (non-profit) partner of the County.

Having initially raised $14 million to build the home-like Children’s Shelter that opened in 1995, the Children’s Fund continues to work as a catalyst and respected partner with public and private organizations to address the unfulfilled educational needs of foster youth.

2014   Provide Social Emotional Learning in Summer School Credit Recovery, Emerging Scholars and RISE

2013   Launch RISE program in partnership with 4 local community colleges

2013   Presented at National Grantmakers for Education Conference in Houston, TX

2012   Launches Summer School Credit Recovery Program with National Hispanic University

2012   Presents Emerging Scholars Program at National Association for Social Workers

2011   Highlights Employment through Partnership with TeenForce

2010   Launches High School Roadmap

2010   Formalizes Youth Advisory Board Charter

2009   Launches First Middle School Education Court in the Country

2009   Successful Completion of Emerging Scholars Pilot Program

2009   Highest Number of College Graduates Since Program Inception

2008   Conducts Social Worker Training on Higher Education in SC County

2008   Hosts Second Annual National BluePrint Conference

2007   Hosts First National BluePrint Conference

2006   Convenes Juvenile Education Task Force

2002   Launches Kids First™ Model Program

2000   Launches YES Scholarship Program

1995   Santa Clara County Children’s Shelter Opens

1987   Founded

“I still can’t believe all that has happened just this year! I now have a future that I look forward to, not dread.”